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Scion speaks

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have you guys seen this yet? I just got an email about it. Its pretty cool actually. You can make your own scion crest. I made one and will probably have it custom made and put on my xB. You can check it out on the scion web site.

Here is what I made.

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Scion speaks ! ! !

Sweet eviljack! I've been checking the "speak out" program too that has and thought it was an awesome idea. I made my own from scratch so that mine could be a bit more original. Sweet concept. I'm going to make it into a sticker next chance I get and put it on my rear hatch window. Let me know what you think. Want one done? Let me know and we can put something together.

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I got that email and wondered if it was spam or not. Gonna go check it out!
This thread is useless without a web link :)

Please post it.

They look really cool...
Cool! I'm going to let my son play around and see what he comes up with. :)
i know i'm a little late here...but i finally got around to making one of these...
the name above the crest is what call my garage...
on the ribbon is the code i live by! definately gonna get this blown up for my xB!
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What? No...
"Scion Apocalypse" AZ
Come on
Shancopp said:
I got that email and wondered if it was spam or not. Gonna go check it out!
I thought the same thing Shancopp. I am going to have to check thjat out now too. Everyone has these cool looking crests.
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