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Scion TPS on Ford rims?

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Saw an xB with a set of 05-09 Mustang Bullet 17" rims on it and thought it looked nice. Especially since I can pick up a set of take offs for under $500. The bolt pattern is ours, the width I think is 8 and the center bore is around 70 with a 45 off set. From what I've read I've gotta use 225/45 17's. But, how will I get the TPS system to work? Will the old ones be taken off my old steelies and installed on the Ford's rims? I've never seen a TPS valve or even know what it looks like or located. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
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Depending on the year ford, it may have it's own sensors mounted to a band wrapped around the drop center of the wheel, opposite the valve stem. (edit: I should note, this is worthless to you. You MAY leave them in but since there's no point, if they are there, cut them off and do something else with them. Maybe ebay?)

It's true, you can simply unbolt the sensor from your stock wheel and mount it to the ford (or most any) wheel. Most if not all valve stem sizes on oem passenger car wheels in the US are a standard size, TPMS or regular valve, either way.

Them "Rebuilding" them probably only consists of changing the thin rubber gasket and possibly the outside nut, as these typically come together in a small package.

We reuse all of these parts on 10 year old cars in the rust belt often enough without problem. We've also had to change gaskets on 2 year old cars... As usual, there are always exceptions.

We would never insist on replacing any parts on a newer vehicle unless they were actually malfunctioning or damaged, we do so rarely enough that we don't even stock any, at a tire shop...
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