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I don't know, I guess this kind of stuff is mucho relative. If I go back over the catalog of cars I've owned, my xB2 is a strong performer. Easily beats my AWD Eclipse with a frozen turbo :), and easily beats it with normal revs off the line (major torque) -- that xB2 can seriously jump. As far as brakes are concerned, they're the strongest I've ever had. As far as safety features, it's way ahead. From my viewpoint, I'd say mine is pretty darned high performance for an N/A car in even vaguely its price range, but I see the primary arbiter really as the price range.

As already said, it's a pretty great car for the money, and it provides a foundation that can be pretty easily improved upon -- sounds good to me :)!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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