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Search for a roof rack

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im looking for a yakima roof rack for an 09 but cant find one anywhere. anyone know where i can get one?
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On-line or a local outfitter's store. They basically go for retail price about anywhere. So, a local store (w/ local support and so forth) isn't really a rip-off compared to on-line.

That said, you MAY find someone selling one, or parts, cheap.

I have a Yakima and LOVE Half-Moon Outfitters, based in South Carolina and stores also in Georgia (Athens and the Virginia-Highlands part of Atlanta).
I got mine from, chose the build your own, and it was only like 300 bucks. not too bad.
yakima and thule are both $299. I actually just looked it up. Ill be getting one soon.
i think we sell thule i will dbl check , san do you have part numbers?
480 Traverse Foot Pack Rack is the one i was looking at. I cant find other part # than that. That one was priced at $329
yeah got it looks like i can get these will have to dble check monday , yeah thats with out the basket
I'd like to get a rack before I leave for SC in late May (I want to take my bike, and my friend's bike) but I'd also like to get some lowering springs. I'm in a pickle.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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