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Well I am finally a dealer for Seibon. They have 14 peices for the Scions right now. PM me for prices if interested. They are the best fitting and looking Carbon Fiber products out there.

2 hoods for the 1st gen

2 wings for the 1st gen

3 hoods for the 2nd gen xB

1 wing for the 2nd gen xB

1 hatch for the 2nd gen xB

1 hood for the xD

1 Hatch for the xD
There isnt a pic of it yet
1 hatch for the tC

2 hoods for the tC


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All that is great, but I truly want narrow side skirts. I have searched every website I can find and nothing. I don't want the entire body kit, just one or two inch side skirts and I don't care if they are carbon fiber, poly, whatever. If anyone has any leads, please let me know. Thanks.
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