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Sexi Plexi from

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We are proud to announce that we have become a site sponsor for! Our Contact Info is: [email protected]

As of now, we are only offering our very popular Sexi Plexi to the public. We have a complete on-line store that is being re-designed and updated, which should be done soon. We will offer a full line of lighting accessories such as raw & prewired leds, flexible led strips, ribbon strips, side emmitting led strips, led controllers, strobe light kits, suspension light kits, underbody led kits, and a whole lot more! We aren't going to have a "Grand Opening" until our store is complete and our inventory is ready.

With that said, let me introduce you to our Sexi Plexi. We craft each one of these to the customer's needs. We have access to thousands of fonts, so if you want some wierd or crazy font, chances are we can do it. We've had customer's find fonts by searching on, and

We are able to make your Sexi Plexi so it can sit on your radiator panel, or hang from your headliner or hatch panel. The possibilities are almost endless.
We use a black base because of its sleek look. The finished product looks amazing, and puts off a ton of light.

Which brings me to the lighting options. We have tested and tested and tested many combinations of leds to find out which ones work best. We have narowed it down and the options are:

-5mm Super Bright LEDs
-5-Chip SuperFlux LEDs

We have every color available including Rainbow-fast, and Rainbow-slow.
Rainbow LEDs are only available in the size of 5mm.

Pricing will be posted tomorrow as we are still figuring out the discount rate for the sites that we sponsor.

Here are a few projects that we have done...... All of the following pictures that are lit up are using
5mm Super Bright LEDs. All Sexi Plexi's are also waterproof, and come with 12"+ of wire and quick disconnect plugs.

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got my sexy plexie and it is the **** !!!! Thank you Clay.
lets see it
I wanna know if this business is still in business?

cause I can't find their website.
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