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Shifter and AC knob LED convesion

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Before we start i want to say that if anthing happens to your car i am not to be held liable for what u have messed up
Electrical Tape
Wire strippers / cutters
Both types of screwdriver
five or six wire connectors
4 bright leds any color i chose blue
hot glue gun
drill with small bit


here are the LEDs i bought at Advanced auto parts for around ten bucks

Here is the disassembly of the dash








This is the shifter LED swap

This is what the oem bulb looks like that u will remove and cut the wires

Then just fine out which side is the positive and which is the negative and connect the Led power cords

Then wedge the LED in the hole the light bulb was in i used a little electrical tape to make a tight fit.

Now for the ac knob swap.

Here are the wire harness connectors that u need to press in the tabs and remove

Now to dicect the knobs this is not hard just take your time.
The two outside knobs will take the same steps but the middle knob is different
the first part is for the two outside knobs

Each knob has two sets of clips that will need to be popped off
This is the first set

This is the second set

This is the inside of the knob

remove the piece that is the middle button of the knob it will pop off with a little wiggal

The oem bulbs twist out and here is them removed from each of the knobs

Were the oem light was is were i put the new led and ran all of the wire connected to the led through the hole were the bulb was
the first piece u took off is were the hole needs to be drilled they only need to be drilled on the two outside knobs the middle knob is already open so no hole is needed

run the wires through the drilled holes and and put all of the knobs back together

i wired the three leds in the knobs back to the led that is under the shifter because the lights in the knobs run off of metal plates so i wired them all into the positive and negative green wires from the light on the shifter

then put your dash back together and your good to go here is how it turned out

If u have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
Hope u like it
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You definately get some good karma for this outstanding DIY. :D

I don't feel quite as hesitant about doing this now.

Do you think the blue distributes well and is visible on the outside icons of the knobs? Also, does the like from the one LED in the shifter make it all the way down to the 'D' (drive). I just worry about the bulbs looking less distributed and gradient.
yeah i thought the same thing but to my surprise it covered everything very well and yeah it does reach all the way down because the compartment is sealed off so it bounces off the white plastic

hey and i will post a diy later when i do it but i found out that the red light in the four way flashers is the same as in the traction control button so i am gunna go to Toyota soon and get the switch so both will be red it looks good the blue and red and it gets rid of more of the ugly amber
your 7th picture...that says "Remove this screw"...that screw seems far away from the ac knobs...what is that holding together? I'd hate to think of how long it took to figure out that screw way up there had to be removed.
you don't really have to it just allows the dash to flex a little more to get the ac controls out no big deal just for a little more wiggl room
does the vent that the radar detector is in still work? or did you block it off?
Sovereign said:
does the vent that the radar detector is in still work? or did you block it off?
WOW i didn't even notice that!

I have a Passport Radar...and still got pulled one a ticket...probably due to the fact that the cop saw my detector.

Do you have sensors on the outside of the car...or does the detector pick up everything from inside your dash!?
Do you still access the buttons by reaching through your A/C vent?
Does the vent still work?

Sorry for all the questions, I just like your amazing idea.
don't want to get off topic, but how do you like the passport radar detector?
well...i could say it works...but as my previous post says...i got pulled over while it was on. I think i got caught cause the cop turned his radar on specifically to hit me, and it was too late.

Otherwise, it picks up radars from pretty far away...even a few hundred yards on straight shots. You learn where it gives false alarms...drug stores...harley davidson shops..ect.

sometimes i see police and it hasn't beeped at all...i can only assume they don't have their radars on and wouldn't be able to pull me over?

hope this helps.
I might be missing something, but why not just replace the factory bulbs with blue leds?
Just an FYI for this.. Instead of drilling the AC knobs for LED's.. You should be able to replace them with Instrument cluster LED's from They are the SMT Neowedge bulbs and they will just slip right in.. no drilling..
Yeah, nice DIY and all but you made that about a million times more complicated than it should be.
what type of bulb is the bulb that lights up the automatic shift panel???
Also have the rs8. What size and type LEDs do I need for the hvac controls and the shifter panel? Really want to do this, just don't want to tear apart the dash till I'm ready to do it.

Is there any kind of guide for the '11 xb which lists all interior bulbs and the crossovers to LEDs?
Just go here :

Instrument Cluster and Gauge Backlights - Super Bright LEDs

Thats all the instrument panel type lights.

And here is a list I found somewhere of all the lights and type #'s for XB (no idea where I got it, but I collect data).

Headlights (low) - #9704 - 55W - H11 halogen bulbs
Headlights (high) - #9005 - 60W - HB3 halogen bulbs
Foglights - #9704 - 55W - H11 halogen bulbs
Front turn signal lights / parking lights - #1157NA - 27/8W - Single end bulbs (amber)
Front side marker lights - - 5W - Wedge base bulbs
Side turn signal lights - - 0.4W - LED
Rear turn signal lights - 7440 - 21W - Wedge base bulbs
Stop/tail lights and rear side marker lights - 7443 - 21/5W - Wedge base bulbs
Back-up lights - 7440 - 21W - Wedge base bulbs
High mounted stoplight - - 3.6W - LED
License plate lights - 194 - 5W - Wedge base bulbs
Interior light - 28mm - 8W - Double end (Festoon) bulbs (30mm can fit)
Personal light - 194 - 8W - Wedge base bulbs
Luggage compartment light - 28mm - 5W - Double end (Festoon) bulbs (30mm can fit)

hope it helps,
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