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Shipping help needed

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I need to ship my car from home (Texas) to my son currently in Canada.

In the past I've always been most satisfied when shipping with United Routes. The job they do is amazing and their prices are extremely competitive. I figured I'd do that here too, but I just learned that they dont cross borders.
Anyone know of a quality company who will take my car straight through to Canada for me?
Someone suggested FedEx, anyone use them for shipping a car cross-border?

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yeah, fedex is expensive, and alot of shippers only ship to the port because getting through the border takes alot of time (money), especially if they have more than one car on their truck...too much paper work. In order for a shipper to go into Canada willingly is if he has a pick up somewhere in Canada or nearby to make it worth it. otherwise he is burning gas (money) coming back empty. It is possible for a shipper to find a car to come back but it might take a long time for something to come up. One thing is against you right now as summer is ending is the "snow birds" are headed back down south, this makes the shipping industry quite busy hauling vehicles back to their winter homes. Your best bet is to have the car shipped to Port and have your son pick it up there. good luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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