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Should be an xB owner by tomorrow after 5!

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My wife and I have chosen to take the plunge and get an xB. This will be our first new car purchase and are kind of excited that we don't have to do any haggling.

Even though this is true, I've read some people talk down the sales people on add ons. Any recommendations on things we should ask for or how to ask for them? We are looking to cart around a few bikes ride and plan on having kids in the next five years or so and are not planning on doing any real mods to it.

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dgbautista said:
Got it last night at around 6 pm. Love it so far. My only big complaint is how terrible the iPod controls are. I've got a fairly large music collection and trying to get from Apples in Stereo to The Weakerthans Takes some time.

My wife cant wait to throw our bikes in there and go for a ride!

Thanks for all your help!
Congrats on your new ride.

I just use the ipod cable to charge, then switch to the aux audio cable. Makes navigation through 4000+ songs much easier!
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