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Should be an xB owner by tomorrow after 5!

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My wife and I have chosen to take the plunge and get an xB. This will be our first new car purchase and are kind of excited that we don't have to do any haggling.

Even though this is true, I've read some people talk down the sales people on add ons. Any recommendations on things we should ask for or how to ask for them? We are looking to cart around a few bikes ride and plan on having kids in the next five years or so and are not planning on doing any real mods to it.

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Wait and get aftermarket stereo if you want better tunes.

Spoiler is a must in my book.

Right now dealers need to sell cars so do this. Find out retail on all the add ons you want. Then take off what ever you feel comfortable with and stick to that price. Also, know where another SCION dealer is at so you can walk if you need to. They may not come down to your price but they won't let you walk out of there without a car either so they will come down some. Or possibly offer you something like extra oil changes beyond the first two that are free. In either case stick to your guns and be ready to walk and they should budge on something.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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