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Show us some love, Wikipedia

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I want to know why on the Scion Wikipedia page, there are no pictures of a 2nd Generation xB. There are 4 tC's, 2 1st Generation xB's, an xA, an xD, the FUSE concept and the Hako concept - No 2nd Generation xB. I guess it's not that big of a deal, I just thought it was a little strange. Don't ya think so too?
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I've made several adjustments to the xB2 Wikipedia entry, and there's nothing to prevent you from doing the same. However, please don't enter anything whatsoever, that you're less than absolutely certain of (as opposed to some rumor or wishful think or whatever). Dissemination of misinformation is nothing to be proud of and nothing that anyone will be appreciative of. Absolutely imperative that you be responsible!
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