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SignalxB is at it again!

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This is a awesome pic. here's the post:

"Check it.

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Mine too, I changed the car to blue though. and my avatar!
scvscions said:
Mine too, I changed the car to blue though. and my avatar!
I'll have to give that a try since mine is blue ;)
Wonder how hard it would be to get it in blackberry crush :eek:hno:

Jason, please dont tell me thats your body kit. I will be jelous if it is! :(
correct me if I'm wrong, but thats just a photoshop someone else made
Eric said:
I changed the color a while ago, but just uploaded it... Here it is in blue :)

any chance you could make one in Super White for me with that set up? it looks Great!!
I'll give it a shot, but probably next week... it's easier to overlay darker colors vs. lighter ones... I already tried some other variations, but the easy ones were green, pink, purple, dark gray & maybe a mustard yellow, but I don't remember ;)
Thanks Eric!
Great job Eric!

i have been wanting one in white since i saw the original!

Thanks! :rockon:
Nice work. Kinda reminds me of those designs on the old 5hift G3ar t-shirts.
Hey if your taking requests how about the original blue one, but make the wheels gold.
If they made the xB in that green color I would choose it over the RS any day. I have been wanting a bright green car lately for some reason. A emrald green like that would be amazing.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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