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now this is too funny:

as seen in Los Angeles Times today:

Up to Speed blog

At last, a Smart with rear legroom

Los Angeles isn’t short of a stretch limo or two. There are even some elongated Hummers. But if there was ever a stretch too far, it could be this version of the Smart car, called (naturally) the Smaaart. This object-defeating exercise is still powered by the same little three-cylinder engine found in other Smart Fortwo models and has a top speed of 80 miles per hour. It’s just that instead of being just over eight feet long, it goes on for 17 feet.

In this instance, the middle section has been fashioned in the shape of a popular energy drink container, complete with ring-pull, making the concept ideal for promotional purposes. But the makers are also thinking of using electric power and creating an environmentally friendly hearse. Ideal for that last, dignified trip.

Ailing Angelenos shouldn’t worry too much about this vehicle. It was made by a British company (hence the bad light in the picture), Carbonyte UK, who pioneered the HotFusion composite manufacturing technology for the Mercedes McLaren SLR supercar. It has also built the world’s only Ferrari limousine (seems the word ‘sacrilegious’ isn’t in these guys’ vocabulary) by taking a 360 Modena, making it 20 feet long and nine feet wide, and adding gullwing doors. But hey, strange things are often seen in SoCal.

-- Colin Ryan

Photo: Carbonyte UK
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