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Maytag said:
I'm also running Altimax Arctic on my steelies. Without studs though. They are a winter tire bargain, compared to Blizzaks, or Michelin Arctic Alpin. They are somewhat soft and squirrelly on dry pavement. But that's the tradeoff for a Q speed rated, dedicated snow tire.

Those running the OEM Eagle RS-A's in the snow, props to you. While they perform fair on the xB, I've had them as OEM tires on several previous cars, and I think they're a poor tire, with poor handling characteristics in rain and snow. The good news is the treadwear rating is usually around 220, so they don't generally last too long.

Be safe out there in the white stuff.
Thanks for the tire info...

Do you guys change to a different tire in the summer?? Is there a good year round tire that works well with the OEM rims?

Good that the OEM won't last long, I can't never wait till they wear out to get new better ones, but can't see ditching them till they do wear out.
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