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Had to pick up someone at the airport tonight after a day of snow and was really wishing I had a 4WD vehicle. There was probably 8" on the ground when I left and the plows were working frantically to keep the roads clear with only partial success. Took the long way on relatively straight state highwys with gentler grades rather than the shorter twisty, up and down country back road route. There was a fair amount of coverage and deeper snow where plows had crossed the highway while doing secondary roads and private plow drivers just shoved snow from parking lots out into the street.

Turned out not to be a problem. The xB was great with just the stock tires. Slipped and skidded a little when I starting up from a dead stop through some deep furrows, but nothing alarming. Occasionally the traction control would kick in for a split second, but mostly just chugged along. The biggest test was a steep hill about a block from home. Traction control did just fine and i made it up the hill with little effort.

Bottom Line: Very impressed...don't need no stinkin' 4WD!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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