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Here is the situation. I custom built my 09 XB2 when I bought it. I had the SNS 100 put in. After 3 and a half years the DVD drive started to randomly "chirp" while the disc was in use. I ordered a new unit on the web which Scion agreed to pay for except they made me pay the $103.00 labor fee to have it switched out at dealer.I tried to get them to let me put it in but it is the only way they would agree to pay for the nav. I ordered part number 08545-00931 from under its description is says that it has HD radio , sd maps , and blue tooth. My original sns 100 did not have these features but this nav had a new part number so I figured they might have added a few features. Well the radio I recieved was the same part number as my original nav. 08662-21810. The new part number was on the box that ended in 00931 but the Oem part number was on radio that ended in 21810 and of course it had none of the new features I stated above. I have been unable to confirm that a scion nav with those features exists short of the SNS 200. There are many sites on the web that describe the 08545-00931 as having sd card maps HD radio etc. What I was wondering is has anyone else ordered this part number and if so what did they recieve and has anyone ever seen an SNS with those newer features or are there many websites screwing up the specs. The map disc they sent with the nav was U33 and the build date on the nav was 2008. I think the newest disc is U36 a fall 2011 update for generation 5 nav systems. Any help to solving this mystery would be greatly appreciated.
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