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So... Anyone else have what they feel like is....

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..... the only gen2 xB in town?
I could go days without seeing another one. I live in the town where ISU is. So there are lots of college age people. Today there were 3 gen2 xBs at a stop light. So odd.

I used to own a prius, they are a dime a dozen. Now I feel like a needle in a hay stack. (well except for that one moment at the stop light today)

or am I crazy?
(Central Illinois)
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For the past 20 of 21 years at the same company, with about 50-75 cars in the parking lot at a time, I have never seen another of what I was driving at the time.. Old Beetle, New Beetle, Scion xB.

In my town I have seen no other xB2's, but I have seen a few on my way to and/or from work. On the one road I often pass a Blackberry Crush and Super White parked in their respective driveways. If I take a different path home, I pass an RS5.0.

There are 2 1st gen xBs in my neighborhood..white and silver, the silver one is dented at the right front fender :(
In my little corner of the world, xB2s are pretty rare, and actually I like it that way. I've never been a "me too" kind of guy. I used to see a white xB2 occassionally, but it hasn't been around of late. In nine months of ownership I think I've seen a total of three xB2s on local roads. First gen xBs are only slightly more common. Every other car on the road in Connecticut is a Subaru.

By comparison, when I visit my son, south of Phoenix, xB2s are everywhere. His next-door neighbor has one and there are two more within a couple of blocks.
I can go days without seeing one and then suddenly I see several in a day... you never know...
I hadn't seen any around for several months, but the last 3 days I've seen 3 different ones each day!
there are a few around me in Louisville,KY. I have only seen one besides mine that is modded in any way, all the other ones are bare bones stock!
rarely see them in my area too. Did see a bsp xB2 the other day though...waved like a crazy woman but he didn't see me. Me, Dh and oldest son have had contests, like first one to see a gen1 gets a dollar, a gen2 gets 5. On a trip to Cincinnati (6 hours from me), we did that, but if you saw an RS5, you trumped all and won and got to pick where we ate supper. As we pulled into the parking lot of our hotel........I saw an RS 5, tooling down the highway and won it all! :p woohoo!!

I like that I don't see them often...makes it easier to find in the parking lots too!
I see one about 3 times a week here in Minneapolis. It is infrequent enough where I feel a connection with the other driver, but not often enough to feel like I drive something ubiquitous.

There is another one at work, but we have a big enough parking lot that I don't see it too frequently. Occasionally I'll park beside it as a sign of solidarity.
I've seen a Super White one and quite a few 1st Gens, but then they don't wave. Oh Well.
They are becoming quite common around here, South San Diego area. Alot of gen1s and more and more gen2s. I think once you see one, your like "hey, that's cute, what is it? I want that!" So not so big a deal anymore though there is only one other Stingray metallic I see almost every day.
Plenty of 'em here in SoCal.

Just makes me want to keep modding so I can distinguish myself from the pack.

Having a personalized plate definitely singles you out.... :D
When I purchased this car, it was just that, a car. I researched for about six months and it was my choice based on my criteria. Then, all hello broke loose. I got "tagged" by scikotics and the modding began. I entered a car show and placed. Then I entered another and placed in that one, too. I also live in a college town and I have seen several, although not often. There are more xB1's, but there are more xB1's, period. I wave and most of the time, I get a wave back, so it's all good. I love my car!
I'm in the SF Bay Area... So yea there are tons. I probably see about 10-20 per day based on my commute.
In Chicago they use them as taxis. They are painted yellow with black bumpers and some are green and white.
i wonder if the xB2 taxi's have that big piece of plexiglass that seperates the back and the front...if so i wanna know who makes it and where i can get it...j/k ;)!
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