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I cruised down to Amado, AZ. on 4/1 to check out the Overland Expo. I had originally planned on taking my KTM 990 ADV, but it is still in the shop waiting on some upgrade parts.

Anyhow, nothing special xB-wise, but it ran super smooth and got me there and back in one piece. There were 4 separate wrecks that I passed on the way in. I saw one lady getting hauled off in a stretcher after crashing her car in the dirt median on I-10E.

Parking lot @ Expo.

The Land Rover demo driving course was next to the parking. I forget the model I drove, but it was a $90k, 0-60 in 4 sec, 550HP monster. It was so smooth in the dirt.

There were some sweet bikes there too. I'm hoping my KTM looks more like this soon.

Here's a nice big box I'd like to drive.

The xB took me down some dirt roads with no problems on the TRD springs and 19's. I finally setup shop for the night at the Agua Linda Farm. I had a whole section of their camping area all to myself. I also got to try out my new Kifaru Tipi!

I hope to attend all 3 days next year, on the KTM. Anyone else here into overland stuff?
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