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some new exterior shots of the B, fresh out of my schools body shop.

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well ive been doing quite a bit of work to my car since that run in with the curb that messed up my front bumper. so i ended up getting a new one and decided to to some small yet significant mods to it as well as some other custom paint work that ive been wanting to do for a while. including painting and mounting my xGangster mid and upper wing.

for my bumper i deleted my licence plate holes and tow hook covers using plastic welding and a special filler compound by SEM thats designed for bumper repairs. using normal body filler with eventually crack and cause the paint to delaminate. heres some pics of it:

primer stage:

finished product:

unfortunatly the bumper came out a few shades lighter than i had expected so next term ill end up sanding the clear and tinting it possibly. either that or just re painting it all together. it depends on what my autobody instructors deem the best coarse of action to achieve best possible match without blending into my fenders.

heres the rest of work.

painted mirror assemblies:

and my xGangster wings

overall shot:

other stuff i painted include the underside of my seibon carbon fiber hood, my hood latch pannel that sits on top of the grille and the fuze box cover. i was going to do my engine cover as well but decided not to because i plan on getting scionpros stainless engine cover anyway. so no point. ill get some pictures of that paint work as soon as i get my engine bay washed. its trashed and the weather has been atrocious.

last but not least i also painted my window visors to match. however im waiting to put those on until next term. im going to remove my A pillar and window vinyl. i started on the passenger rear door and it was more of a chore than i had expected and ended up having to use a razor blade to very carefully cut the vinyl, being careful not to go into the paint. however the vinyl didn't come off well at all. so i stopped and next term im going to disassemble the entire door to get the beltline molding and all the window gasgets out so i can remove 100% of the vinyl without using razor blades and then im going to cut and buff them. the orange peel is terrible under that vinyl. so thats januarys project. then when those windows visor go on, it will look soooo **** good. i cant wait. anyway stay tuned guys! and thanks! feel free to ask any questions.
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So jealous of the black. If I had to do it again.. Id go black
Great work, love the chrome accents!!!!
thanks. next thing i want to add are the chrome door handles. i refuse to use the crappy covers ill get chrome replacements from then next term im having a fellow class mate who is a freaking air brushing god. airbrush my new headlights inserts and my brake calipers with a green flame pattern using the same green used in my interior and tinted to make different shades to make the green flames look real. it will be bad ***. i cant wait.
I look at your B and I keep thinking of the Black Beauty from The Green Hornet (esp. the 1966/67 TV show, more than the movie)

I like.
looks great
Removing the vinyl on the posts.

I read that body shops use 'steam' to get the vinyl on the posts to lift right off. Less scary than using a blade near the paint!
Pretty car!
Great work, love the chrome accents!!!!
x 2 & I hate chrome, but it looks really good on the Xb.
Normally, I don't like chrome either.
Yet, on SOME xBs it works well!

(Ironically, I've gone to more chrome than I ever expected I would/could EVER consider on any vehicle. Yet, I'm hoping it works as well in other's minds/eyes as I think it does. Much like DJ Moonbass's does.)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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