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Speaker Replacement

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Not everyone has stereo installation experience so here is a DIY on speaker replacement.

Accessories You Will Need:
Speaker Adapters -> Provide mounting holes for the large holes in the door. You can buy these, make these or your speakers may come with these like mine did. Available from Crutchfield for free with any speaker purchase or a local car stereo dealer. You can also make some from 1/4" plywood (which is what I did until I found adapters in the speaker boxes. :dontgetit:)

Wire Taps -> These will keep you from having to cut the existing wiring, running new wiring or soldering leads on. You have to run new speaker wire if installing an amplifier, but not if you use the existing head unit only. Available at Radio Shack, Home Depot, etc.

Tools You Will Need:
Power Drill -> Used to drill out the rivets that secure the speakers.
Wire Taps
Philips Screwdriver
Pliers -> Used to crimp the wire taps
Panel (Upholstery) Popper -> Available at Autozone or other auto parts store. This lets you pop the panel off the door without destroying the connectors or where they attach to the panel.

Warning: Use safety glasses and hearing protection. Your results may vary. I'm not responsible for the outcome.

1. Remove the screw in the door closing handle

2. Pop off the cover in front of the door opening handle using the panel popper and remove the screw behind it

3. Starting at the bottom of the door panel (because there is a gap there) insert the panel popper and pop out the inserts that hold the panel in place. There will be little washers on each on and some of them may stay in the door. If they stay in the door use the panel popper to pop them and re-insert them in the door panel. NOTE: the door panel is easy to scratch so have a place ready to set it.

4. Disconnect the power window controls. In some cases it may be easier to pop the power window control out and work on it that way. You may also want to get a pair of needle nose pliers to help depress the tab that locks them in.

5. Next remove the speaker connector and drill out the rivets holding the original speaker in place. I think I used a 3/16" or 1/4" drill. In any case the rivet may spin so I twisted the drill around to force it to cut rivet and free the speaker. Be sure to pick up the back of the rivets from inside the door or they will rattle around. BE CAREFUL AS THEY MAY STILL BE HOT.

6. Next make or use a speaker adapter and attach it to the car. I probably won't match the speaker holes so you will have to drill new holes. Be sure to think about how you want to run the wires to the new speakers.

7. Once wiring is tapped and run, install the speaker. To make sure the new wiretaps don't rattle, cover them in some foam.

8. To re-attach the panel just reverse the procedure to take it off.

Good luck and happy motoring to the music.
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good install...what speakers did you go with?
Alpine SPS-600's front and rear. Not loud but they clean up the muddy bass and harsh mids. I may add a sub to round it out.
One of the Scikotics members has a 250 watt amp she wants to give me. I was thinking it could be put either under the passenger seat or on the shelf under the back seat. I little velcro, some wire, 6.5's in the rear doors and we're ready to rock!
Screws, not velcro. Don't want it becoming a projectile in a wreak. THEN you're ready to rock. Good luck with that and let us know how loud it gets. :yes:
I just wanted to let you know that after looking at your post I decided to do the same.
I put a pair of Alpine SPS-600 in the rear doors and a set of SPS-600c’s in the front. The tweeter’s popped right into the existing side view mirror mounts. I used the same kind of connectors as well.
One thing that I’d like to do still is replace the same type of foam around the wire that came from the factory. Anyone know where I can get that? (I guess I need to ask that question as a separate post)
I took a lot of pictures and even some video maybe I put that up some day.
Once again thanks for giving me the inspiration and courage to do it myself.
thank you for this..kinda stumbled upon it a bit late tho..i took everything off and when I saw the rivets i was like FUUUUUUUHHHHH!!!!but lucky enough i had all the tools..just have to charge my time i know to check the forum before i do anything
Just one Question....How do you know which one of the stock speaker wires is the positive or negative?
Just one Question....How do you know which one of the stock speaker wires is the positive or negative?
i believe it's the lighter color (pink?) that is positive..
Are you positive? Ahahahaha sorry. Had to
I thought we had this in our forum, but a quick search didn't find it so here is the link to the wiring info from scikotics
That was a very infomative DIY on the speaker install. Now I just gotta get with it!! Thanks for sharing.

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