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Okay so I am not the best at explaining things but will give it a try per some requests :)

I started by taking measurements of the width & height of both C-pillar cubbies to get the overall size & then made a template of it out of cardboard. (The cubbies are different so make sure to measure both sides).

I then took a Masonite board & with a jigsaw cut out the needed shape. Next I took black headliner fabric & covered the wood. I then screwed into it a 6.5 size speaker, you could go bigger but I liked that fit the best.
Next I drilled a hole for the wiring in both cubbies. Then I removed the weather strip, spare tire & the plastic bins on each side so that I could pull up the C-pillar panel. That is pretty easy, just follow the bolts, it’s like 2 on each side I believe.
I then opened the passenger doors & removed those panels in order to splice into the speakers. I ran the wires underneath the running board along with the other wiring there as well as the airbag tube (be careful not to mess with that tube lol) & pulled it up behind the C-pillar & through the hole I drilled. I then connected the speaker. After conecting the wiring I used 4 drywall screws to hold the speaker board in place; I figured the threading on them would hold the wood into the plastic panel real well.
After that I was good to go & just put everything back together :)
It sounds great & looks awesome! The only problem out of the whole thing is my weather strip on the left hand passenger door & the rear hatch comes off real easy now that I took it off, I guess I messed up the glue.
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