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Im in the process of getting my xb summer ready :naughty: And those who have springs if you dont mind me asking where and how much did it cost to install and what all cost are involved in getting new springs? ie alignment after the drop. Also who here done it there self as a weekend task? thanks all in advance. :D
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me and 2 friends installed my TRD springs in about 3 hours. the only specialty tool needed is a spring compressor. i got the springs from an ebay seller for about $200 and didn't feel i needed an alignment.
On my '09, we used Tanabe NF210's. Only tool was the spring compressor. They were a little less than $200 and didn't take more than a couple of hours to install. We didn't align the front end either and I had no problems.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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