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Stock Pioneer HU Power Question

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Does anyone know what pin it is on the stock Pioneer hu that can be used for a remote to power an amp? Just got the Boss 8" low-profile sub with amp to go under my front seat. We tried to install another amp and could not get it to work. Now, since I wanted a sub and amp, I got the Boss. Thanks.
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Bump...and it's a 2010 stock hu.
Stole this picture from classifieds. This is the hu:
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Pull the head unit and plug in the RCA connections its plug an play.
Thanks. The unit is plug and play, but the remote wire was not. Hubby worked with it and figured out how to make it work. This little 8" sub sounds like a bigger, more expensive system. I needed a little "bump" to go with my Polk 6.5" db speakers.
Mine still sounslike crap the line out converter is killing me.
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