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Hello all!

Glad I found this site!

I have an 08 Xb with the prioneer premium stereo. I went this route so in the future adding a sub/amp would hopefully be easier.

My car is parked on the street alot so its important to me to keep things looking stock.

The first change I'm looking at is upgrading the stock compoment speakers in the front & puttuing coaxes in the back so the kids will like the sound better.

Many of the speakers I'm looking at have an effeciency of 88db. Some are in the low 90s.

With the head unit having a realistic 10 - 12 watts, taking a big step back in effeciency will really limit dynamic range.

Who here has changed speakers, not added amps?
What speakers did you change to and did you notice a decrease or increase in volume at the same volume setting?

Now if someone has access to actual stock specs that would be great, but so far I havn't been able to find any.

Thx in advance.


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I switched out the back speakers with 6.5 coaxials and it did not seem to help a whole lot. Stock rear speakers are 5.25" paper woofers with a smaller driver, and poorly located. It also seems like more power is sent to the front speakers (or something) on the stock radios.

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