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Straight pipe axel back

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Hi all I'm new to this forum I got a 2012 BSP XB and love it!

I've been reading about exhaust here on this forum about what to get, saw a lot of people get the borla. So I just went to exhaust shop and had the little muffler in the back cut off and put straight pipe in its place. Instant borla for $30!
But I'm a little dissapointed. It's very quiet. You can hear a little taking off and around 3k, but wot above 3k you just hear the engine.

I guess I will have to do something with that scuba tank to make a difference.

Any ideas welcome for the next step.
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yea the scuba tank takes alot of that noise away, but just a heads up, if you take it off your going to sound like an airplane going down the road. i would say put the muffler back on and maybe put a cherry bomb on the place of the scuba tank
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