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I have one Fosgate 12" in a prefab box right now on a pioneer 760 watt. Just picked up a 1000watt Fosgate amp and a 500 watt. Adding a second 12 in a fiberglass box with a cap and backlit amp rack. Going to wrap the rf diamond in white and inset it. Then working with my engineering friend to program a light show for the amp for fun. He's just waiting on me to give him the money to start building. Only rule is it has to be removable for trunk space. Also have my first under seat rf 8" fiberglassed and ready to get carpeted and go in. Have another one coming. After that and the door speakers and amp an deck, (and dynamat) we will be fiberglassing an 8" into each door, amps into the back hatch, and another component set into the c-pillars. Long term goals lol.
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