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The Dare 2B Different! Motorwerks patent pending SUBTUB solves the space and bass conundrum. This unit replaces the whole rear deck and allows you to keep your spare, your space, and add BASS!

Underside before being covered in trunk liner to prevent squeaks with the metal floor.

The underside covered

Here is the inside batting, look how thick it is

Here is a shot of the top side loaded with a 12" sub prior to being wrapped.

Close up showing the quick connects that allow you to remove the box to get to the spare tire if needed. Also shows the black finish.

Underside will be insulated with stretch gray trunk lining fabric. The top is pure piano black gel coat ready for paint, vinyl graphics, fabric, leather whatever your heart desires. The entire unit weighs a mere 48 pounds without the sub.

For testing we are using the 12" MTX flat sub with Massive brand N2 Nano block 1600 W amp.

The unit will not come with an amp or speaker allowing the customer to use what they prefer. The box is molded to every contour of the floor to get 3.8 cf of air volume for your sub.

Pricing is to be determined, looking at approximately $695 for the SUBTUB.

First here are the photos...

Finished subtub with sub installed.

Now for install procedure (after wiring of course)
Remove stock compartment covers

Flip the spare tire over

Drop in the subtub (sub removed for ability to use opening to lower unit in place)

Fitment photos (Driver side rear corner)

Passenger side rear corner

Rear lip at hatch opening

Driver side edge

Passenger Side Edge

Amp Installed under rear seat (Follow the wires if you have to it is that small)

Close up of amp installed

Sub installed seats up

Driver side seat up

Closer shot of installed seats up

Passenger Side Seats up

Feedback of performance:
The shallow sub and nano amp HIT HARD!!!
There is enough space in there that a shallow mount is not necessary but it does hit the hardest. They tried two different subs in the subtub.
Factory like fit, no need to finish the bottom with anything, no squeaks, rattles or anything from the car interacting with the bottom of the subtub.

As mentioned if you want just the bottom fiberglass tub it is $299.95 plus shipping.
If you want it with the black piano gel coat finished top with the opening for the 12" sub it is $699.95 plus shipping.

Working on another top plate option of 4 ten inch subs and you can also inquire about other custom top plate options that would fit your needs.

More photos are located here!/album.php?fbid=205086736174678&id=193711393978879&aid=61220
Here is a great video showcasing how easy this install is, minus the wiring of course.

Also the video is on the Scionpro Youtube video channel so check back often for new videos, especially once the coil over install videos start.

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If you like, contact Steve Saporito at ScionPro. Cool guy, GREAT products!
Welcome to!

The Subtub isn't on the site, yet. But, it's coming.
Last I read, Saporito was testing it on his wife's xB2. Then, work out any issues, picts, and post on site for sale.
Oh, and the sell pretty xB2 stuff too: Welcome to!
Clarification first, Steve owns the gen 1 RS2 "Scionpro Taxi". Chris, tampadaddy on the boards, is the test subject with his wife's RS7.

We are taking orders and the new site will be up soon.

I will mention the finger holes, or grab points, only thing is, they would collect junk in them. Maybe in the top deck put two recessed points at the lip of the hatch or include a plastic prybar.
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