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Suicide Doors on the '09 xB...

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Im looking around to see if there's a kit around to make the rear doors into suicide doors...a la the Lincoln Continental...if anybody has any info let me know...

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There is no scion specific kit. Basically your gonna have to get a generic suicide door kit and have a body shop do the work. I have been tempted to do this but the expense and permanet nature of the mod keeps me from doing it.
Oh it will definatly be awsome. Just I don't plan on doing anything perment on my car right now. Everything so far will either look factory when if I sell or removable.
Shame you don't live in PA. I know a guy thats doing some killer work for me and could definatly do it. He is gettting ready to work on a custom hood for me. Its gonna be so freakin awsome.
Never got a quote as I don't really plan to do it. I will ask my guy what he could do it for just to get a figure.
The only thing I don't car for in the photo of it being shown is that he has it sitting on the factory Jack. That just looks so freakin cheap. If your gonna do all that work buy a custom looking jack or use the wheel stands that NoLiimitz sells.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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