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That's a first gen . . .
The small stock motor doesn't do well long-term w/ any blower.  So, it won't last long.
The Gen 2 engine is MUCH better, plus the Rado/World turbo makes 300+hp.

Still, pretty cool seeing a first gen get a full length up on a supercharged tC, 
I wonder what supercharger the tC had and how much power it was making . . .

(All blowers are not equal!  In fact, NONE are.)

The credits list the tC supercharger as TRD.  So, it's about 200HP, for an added 40HP and a tad more torque than stock.
The ZPI turbo on the xB has about 180HP.
So, w/ the xB being several hundred pounds lighter, the 20HP gap isn't enough to make it have lower power-to-weight than the tC.  As a result, the xB will be faster, assuming equal drivers.

Still, a 180HP xB1 engine won't last long, while the TRD tC will last for a ages . . .
I'd rather have a blower on an xB2 than either of those.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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