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Suspension Help!

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Hey guys, I'm new to this forum (Just joined today), but not new to the XB family... Had an XB1 with 180k on it, then went for a Jeep (Big Mistake) and now got pretty clean 2008 XB with 48k on the odometer at a steal... or so I thought. :)

I've had the XB for about 3 weeks now, and since the first time I rode it on the highway I noticed a vibration and it just felt all around unstable. (Worse than my XB1 with Low Profile tires and 180k)

After a visit to Scion, I was told it was due to a combination of cheap tires (on the stock steelies) and a bent rim on the rear passenger.

Since then, I've got a new rim and replaced the two front tires with some Goodyear ComfortTred tires. Made a HUGE different in the smoothness of the car. No vibrations.

However, I was still feeling a bounciness on the highway (Annoying cause I drive 75miles roundtrip to work) . I'd see other cars next to me bounce up and down, but mine just DOES NOT STOP. In the city, it drives great. No bouncing, or dip of the front/rear during stopping or acceleration.... I do feel like it's very firm though, bumps and dips on the road are definitely felt a tad bit uncomfortable. I also feel a vibration at the wheel during hard stops in the city. :mad:

Took it to Firestone this time (I know...) , since I was christmas shopping at the mall across the street. After they looked it over, They're telling me the Struts/Shocks all around the car are weak and need replacing. (Mind you it only has 48k on the odometer)

Also they quoted me $1200 for the job:eek: , which I think is outrageous! I wanted some input on here as to what options I may have, or if the price Firestone quoted me is reasonable. (even though I've seen the parts for much cheaper online)

I'm thinking I should buy the shocks/struts online and have a family mechanic put them in for me, as I'm not very keen on the suspension parts.

What do you guys think?

Sidenote: I'm a college student and work two jobs, this is the first car I've ever financed... so i'm trying to save as much as I can.

Also, I care more for a smooth ride than performance cornering.

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Hey, welcome

When you say financing, where did you purchase the b? is it through a dealer, or a bank and a private sale?
Because if it was through a dealer id take it back to them to fix it if something is wrong.

Im not all that up to speed with suspensiom myself but cpuld get some more information from ya to aid others helping you.
Do you know if it is on stock suspension?

To me 1200$ is a bit steep.. but again I dont know all that much about it. I just cant imagine paying that when I bought a complete digital air ride kit for less than that.. mind you it's used and thats with no labour lol
$1200 is way too high for replacing two shocks and two struts. Buy the parts oinline and have any mechanic shop install them and it should end up being near half that price. You will need to get an alignment done after changing the struts as the front won't be in alignment any more. At 48,000 I doubt the sturts are completely worn but it does depend on how the previous owner treated the car snd there is enough wear at this point that it's not a waste of money to change them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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