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What's up all! I'm new to this forum and I'm trying to figure out where I should look for threads regarding the xb2's suspension. Im looking for some feedback from xb2 owners on lowering springs because I'm hoping to put some on my wife's xb but I can't go too low or have an uncomfortable ride because it's her daily driver and she's not used to driving lowered vehicles. Info like stock spring rates, different lowering springs specs and pics on cars would be great. Maybe a "Aggressive fitment/stanced pic thread". Stuff like that. None of the forum categories seem to fit suspension topics so I'm not really sure where to look.
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Welcome! You'll find a lot of info on your Xb here. :)

If you search the forums, you will find many discussions on springs. From what you've said I think the TRD's or Tanabe NF210's would fit the bill.
This might have some info you want.

For pictures, check out the Members Pics section and the Gallery at the top of the page. Other than that, just search around the forum. Everything you need is on here.
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