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Sway Bars-> instal mean new allignment?

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I am buying an XB this week and am thinking of the rear sway bar.
I HAVE done a suspension install on my Miata (sway bars and Koni shocks), so I could do the work.

BUT, would I need a new alignment installing the rear one on an XB, or would the alignment bolts be unaffected by the install?

-> I'm unsure of how it bolts up and what bolts are used in the mounting.
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The rear suspension is a a-pillar design, not a independet suspension. So there is no alingment in the rear. Just bot it on and go.
Yeah I though about having the dealer do alot of my work then changed my mind. I don't like to wait for my car, and I don't like spending money I don't need to when I can do it myself. Plus this car is the easist car I have ever worked on.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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