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Alrighty so here's the deal, I have an '08 xB with TRD springs and the 19" TRD wheels (during the summer) and 16x7's for the winter. My tire sizes don't matter as I'm going to be replacing the tires right away. I'm looking at going a bit lower with some TEIN Stechs but i'm not too experienced when it comes to fitment. I'm guessing running Stechs with 19's will require rolling the fenders and getting some tires with a decent amount of stretch. Is there anything else that I should be aware of? What tire size should I be getting if I want to avoid massive amounts of rubbing? Also, I have 16x7's for winter and I really want to get some new tires for it as the current tires I have on them look like crap and appear very "pudgy". What tire size would I be looking at to get a nice flush or even slightly stretched look keeping in mind the Stechs I plan on getting. I know these topics are covered all over the forums but I just haven't seen anything this specific especially for Stechs.
Anybody with an xB2 with TEIN Stechs please send me or post some pics please!
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