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I hate to start a new thread and apologize if I'm jacking this up.

2nd Gen 2013 literally 847km, I notice this week that usually when I first start the car in the morning the green lit temp symbol should be on indicating in an obvious reason that the engine is still cold. This week when I start the car for the first time in the morning the temp green symbol light takes a minute or so to lit up.

Should I be concern?

Note: I'm in Toronto Canada which weather is getting below 0 at this time of the year.
(Note to newbies: 2008-2010 have real temp gauges, 2011-present have idiot lights...)

I think what you are saying is usually in the mornings when you first start up, the green coolant temp light is lit until the engine warms up, then when the engine warms the light turns off. Except that recently, even though it is now getting colder in Canada, it now takes a minute or so for the "coolant is cold" light to light up after startup.

Something is definitely not right. My 2011 faithfully lights the "coolant is cold" light on cold mornings at startup. Your 2013 is still under warranty so I'd get it checked out.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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