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"Scion was created as a brand looking to bring new, younger buyers into showrooms who would not normally consider a Toyota."
That worked for me. I surely would have bought something other than a Toyota/Scion if the xB didn't exist.

"According to what Toyota sees, the young people of today have a much more favorable outlook of Toyota, and don’t want to be seen going for a car that might be considered a lesser Toyota model."
I didn't have a problem with the Toyota brand in 2012 or now. I know a lot more about it now than I did then. They just don't have a car that I want to buy besides maybe the Rav4, which costs a lot more than an xB. I wouldn't have bought a Rav4 4 years ago because of that, except maybe for a used one.

Scion does have a good reason to exist for me because their cars are things that Toyota doesn't have. If Toyota adds those, then sure, it's ok to say Scion doesn't have a reason to exist. We'll see how it goes.
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