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The Great American Road Trip, AKA Three Men & a xB

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Three guys are in a car traveling this week to all 48 states in the continental U.S. They’re not traveling through each state, but are at least crossing borders to say they’ve been in each one.

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Funny you should post this. Back when I first had my jeep I was trying to plan a road trip that took me from PA to Washington state, down the west coast, then to florida and back up to PA. It wouldn't have hit every state but would have taken me through at least 32 of them.

This is pretty cool though. Wish I had the time and money for something like that.
I thought this was gonna be eviljack & co. 's route! That'd have made for some great pix along the way!

Maybe we can all pitch in some gas $$ for them! :lol:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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