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MountScion85xb said:
was it a elderly man because i see to many in my area driving around in a xb...make me feel old
Well there whipper snapper, don't feel old :lol:, mother nature- father time- will take care of that soon enough ;)
The demographic's post shows the highest percentages in the first and last group. Very logical as Spock would say. price,space,gas milage, reliability is a factor we can all enjoy. The uttes can & do make it a cult car -while the older generation (who maybe in our last childhood) :yes: love it for garage sale hopping :sneaky: and whatever.
You will look back some day and say remmember when, we did this or went there in the xB ?
We on the other hand are trying to remember where we parked it at the mall-?
Live long and prosper.

I'd say the price was right for that guy, hope he keeps it, it would make a great keg hauler :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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