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Hi everyone I'm hailing from the world of VW originally and thought I'd never get another sort of vehicle. But recently I have found my attraction to the 2nd generation xB and see a lot of potential with a big drop and some decent wheels.

Since you guys/gals are more tenured than me I would just like to know some pros and cons of the new xBs. Also, it's nice to see the bolt pattern is 5x114.3 which opens up a world of nice JDM wheels with out having to deal with adapters or wobble bolts. I'd also like to know whats the best coilover setup for the xB. I have seen pictures and videos of the k-sport setup which seems to slam the xB to the ground (which is what I'm looking for). I would like to know other options, pricing and if you have any websites with parts for sale etc..

Thanks in advance and let the noob bashing begin.

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A few of us gave VW backgrounds. I drove an 87 Vanagon Wolfsburg Ed. for 7 years (had headgasket issues), then a 90 Miata for 10 (still have, but have 2 kids and need something to seat 4).
A lot of pros/cons depend on what you want and are use to.
Compared to a Vanagon/Transporter/Caravelle:
Box has more power and brakes
- Accelerates fast enough to get ahead of get out its own way, and even many minivans and common sedans.
- Brakes actually stop a box, more than I expected.
Handles rather well, and is also as fun to drive.
Only seats 5 tight, 4 comfortably, unlike the 7/9 (depending on seat arrangement) of the Vanagon.
Both have GREAT headroom and plenty of side-side space for driver and passengers.

back door to my front seat (I am 6'2"), rear seats flat is 5'2"
Most of rear width is 4'
-- On floor, tightest is 38" between wheel wells.
GREAT cargo carrying. I have used it to move much of an office, inc. 5x3 foot office desk.

Overall, the box acceleration is good, but not WRX levels. It is similar to my Miata.
The brakes are FAR better than I expected.
Handling is quite good. On a tight mountain road, I am only 5 mph slower than a WELL set up Miata.
Great cargo capacity, larger than a gen 1, Soul, or Cube. Also is a HIGHLY usable shape, w/ large openings.
Good highway cruising. I cruise at 80 regularly w/ no real problems (more comfortable than wife's Grand Caravan).

Cons: less than I expected.
-Needs a rear sway bar, not much of a problem as TRD has one.
-Has a blind spot on extreme angle pull-outs (solved by slight re-angling, so not really a problem)
-Not supercar acceleration (enough for me to be happy and to shock my father -drives BMW 528- when he drives my xB)
-People don't know what it is (could be a pro)

Overall, I've been VERY happy with my fridge. My wife now wants to replace her van with one, someday.

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mine has a lot of acceleration, or it seems that it does, i also drive standard.

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Awesome to here that it has some get up and go, I was concerned about that. I'm not trying to race the thing or anything but it's always a plus to have some pep.

I'm looking to do a pretty aggressive drop on it, anyone have any input or reviews on coils?

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I know a lot of people drop their xB suspension. But I find it already so low to the ground with a big bottom front chin. I'd be afraid of scraping and bumping things if it were any lower.

But my opinion is admitedly slanted, as my other vehicle is a Jeep Wrangler with 31" tires, so.... take that opinion with a grain of salt.

In Car & Driver magazine's review of the TRD suspension lowering on the xB... they were ALL for it. Said it made the ride a bit rougher and less smooth. But it lowers the center of gravity and gave them a lot more "fun to drive" on cornering and they definately recommended it.

My pros:

-Fun. To. Drive. Period!

-Excellent power in a car of this class, but still with good fuel economy.

-iPod integration, if you care about that sort of thing.

-Plenty of room for stuff in the back, especially with the seats down.

-Lots of headroom, which I appreciate coming from a Jeep. I had a Corolla as a rental and felt like the windsheild was right off my forehead. Hated it! Back seat passengers always comment on the surprising room.

-Big door drink holders and several interesting storage solutions, on the dash, in the front, back and under the rear panel.

-Back to the beginning... Fun. To. Drive! It's a blast in city driving and can carve up the traffic on the highway. I absolutely love this car.

My cons:

-The driver's seat can be difficult for some people to find a comfortable setting relative to the steering wheel.

-Backing up is an exercise in mirror watching. Get some convex mirror stick-ons for the sides. Helps a lot.

-One power outlet? I mean, really? The general target market for this car wants to plug in a lot more.

-The center shifter area is a total waste of space. There should be some storage or usefulness to that big volume sticking out into the passenger area.

Overall, if I had to buy another car all of the sudden, I would go back to Scion, pick out the same car and say "Give me the keys!" Only my Nautical Blue Metallic is no longer available.

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VSC - Vehicle Stability Control - is a major plus in my book.

Worked like a charm this morning on my way home from work on a very wet road. It kicked in several times and kept me from sliding all over the road. I was doing about 55-60 on the highway.
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