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Eric said:
I wouldn't think you could really feel a 3lb difference that much... The tC, I think, recommends the same air pressure & when I got new tires for the tC I was told to make sure I have that difference even though I'd want more pressure for those tires. (thought I'd throw that out there) ;)
i am pretty particular about tire pressure - aside from getting good wear on your tires, it can really affect the ride quality and handling!

i just wonder why the 35 front, 32 rear set up? my Solara weighed ~50lbs more than the xB, and it's recommended tire pressure was the same front and rear.

i am experimenting right now and i like it a little softer, so i am running 31psi rear and 32psi front to see how it drives - feels good so far!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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