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Hey Dan. Our brakes are disc on all four. Which means its very simple to change the pads and rotors ( as opposed to drum rears). Most the stores in our area will even loan you tools. Such as autozone.

The rule of thumb ive always done. 2 sets of pads for one set of rotors. So thats new rotors everyother set of pads. Its also good to flush your fluid with new pads. Seeing that its been 60k for you it would help braking alot. Fluid does goes bad. Doing this is easy as well. The wife can help with it too. You can use a 2liter bottle and a foot of clear tubing and a barbed and threaded piece screwed into the lid to catch your old fluid.

You can also use your phone to take pix of each step you do so you know how it looked when you started. It digital and easily erased ;)

Once you learn how to do your own brake job, youll never go to a shop for it again and kick yourself for going previously.

Good luck!
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