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I took my box off the pavement and up the dirt roads of NE Cave Creek Rd., a ways North of Scottsdale, to 7 Springs recreation area. The xB worked great, even though it was slow going. I don't think my dog Lola enjoyed the ride all that much, but she had a good time once we got there.

I got canned this past Friday and my KTM 990 is at the dealer getting upgrades, so I just had to get out of town. So I thought I'd use the xB to recon a good camping spot for later this week. Mission successful. I also tested out some new mini-stoves I picked up recently.

This is looking North on Pima Rd. headed towards Cave Creek Rd.

Lola is jazzed to be going somewhere in her xB.

There's a neat Kachina statue you'll pass on the way.

It was such a nice day out today.

The way to 7 Springs has some great asphalt driving prior to the dirt.

Here is the last bit of asphalt before about 8 miles or so of dirt.

Lola wishing that I would hurry up and get rolling.

Mmmm, look at that nice tail.

The trail looked like this most of the way. There was only a few spots I had to creep over.

Almost there!

A dry water crossing.

Made it!

While the dog ran around...

I was testing out a new stove I got off

I thought it turned out OK. Not bad for backpacking food. Lola didn't care for it.

I'll be back out in the area in the next day or two hopefully. I'm looking to spend 2 nights up there and enjoy the nice cool temps before Summer hits us with triple digits.

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Sounds like you had a great time. Cute dog btw. My dog knows the unlocking sounds of my XB and she drags me to the car whenever I take her out for a car ride.
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