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Toyota gives ok for dealerships to drop scion + new racy crossover?

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Toyota Dealers get OK to drop Scion | TOYO Headquarters

Toyota also showed a drawing of a subcompact crossover concept with a "racy silhouette," the California dealer said.

The vehicle would be smaller than a RAV4 and would compete against Honda's upcoming crossover based on its Fit hatchback, a Toyota source said.
something to compete with the nissan juke?
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Maybe something sweet like hyundai veloster
I wonder if it will be more like a modern-look 1999 WRC Corolla . . .
Could be interesting.
I think they need to be more competitive in mpg, power and luxury tech stuff. There is nothing wrong with the looks. But if you look at the new ford focus interior it's years ahead of scions.

I was disappointed to hear that toyota Australia isn't having much success with the xb/ rukus there. I guess when you weigh up price, equipment and value for money compared to other companies it was coming out second best.

I love mine, but do wish it had better mpg and better quality interior plastic that doesn't scratch so easy.

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If they make a similar Hyundai Veloster that would be pretty sweet I think!
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