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I had a flat in one tire last week. I had driven maybe 5 miles with the light on before I had a chance to check it. It was not completely flat, so I didn't feel it, but damaged the sidewall enough to where I had to get a new tire. The tire place then said the TPMS sensor needed replacing, but they couldn't tell if they damaged it removing the tire, or if it was damaged from driving almost flat, but that they would replace it. Sounded free to me the way they said it. Now that I they have ordered the part, the person I talked to is out sick (of course) and suddenly it's costing me $250 for part, tax, & labor. For one TPMS sensor installed. Is that crazy? Sounds crazy high to me. Also questioning whether driving low damaged it, or they damaged it. Can you actually damage it that way? Seems like it would be up inside the rim, not out where it would get crushed. Otherwise you're dropping $250 every time you have a flat on the road.

They always have the upper hand with the superior technical knowledge and the person you talked to never being the same person.

I think it was $189 for the sensor.

Should I ask them to comp the labor, since I'll be paying them twice to dis/remount the tire when it could have been done at once if the part had been on hand. (of course they always have the Flat Rate Schedule to overrule any such requests...)
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