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Trailer hitch for the New 2012 Release

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I just bought the new 2012 Release Series and I'm looking for a trailer hitch for my bike rack. Every hitch I looked at says it will not fit the Release Series. Does anyone know why this is? I called the Curt Hitch customer service and they could not give me an answer? Any info would be great. Thanks.
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My 2011 had a hitch installed when I purchased it used. I removed it since I won't ever need it (now on Craigslist SFBA). It's a Drawtite Hidden Hitch. Here are a few pics for reference. The wire harness came out of the big rubber grommet in the center underbody...

I don't know the differences between the regular XB and Release series. The hitch sits below the bumper and it doesn't get near the exhaust...

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