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Train Horn Anyone?

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Hey everyone I am new to this forum, but not the scene. Just got back into it =). I was wondering what would be the best train horn for a 11' box. I dont want anything too expensive, but good quality. Possibly something I can hide in the back somewhere. And also where can I take it to get installed nice and clean?
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buy from, they can get you into a sick setup for $500 bucks.

I mounted mine under my spare tire well using some metal bracing and ran the lines through the drain plus under the spare to where my tank was.

you should be able to get a small enough tank and compressor to fit in the trunk very easily. Or even under the car if you're feeling like hiding it all.

the horns I had were loud as ****. I only needed to buy the horns though since I was on air and just ran to my air ride setup for the tank and compressor.
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I agree with phobic about I got my set up there as well.
I put mine under my hood on the passenger side, I found that there was lots of space in the engine bay.
Ran my air line to my compressor in the trunk.
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