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I just purchased my new xB - with the only color interior --- black. My dog is a medium size white dog - hair everywhere. One of the reasons I bought an xB was for the cargo space with the back seats folded down for Scooter (my dog).

I had some questions I'm hoping someone has experience with.

1) Any good pet barriers that fit the xB well to keep dogs out of the front seat, or even out of the back seat??? At different times I will need to keep the dog just out of the front seat, and other time out of the back seat, or out of the cargo area in the back.

2) Seat covers!! I've found a few places that will do custom seat covers for the 2008/2009 xB, but I'm wondering if people have found a good company that they liked, or even companies they didn't like. The company that looks the most promising so far is GT Covers, but it's hard to determine on their website:

I've purchased the Cargo Liner, but it hasn't arrived yet; as well as the mats. But I'm concerned about the seats and keeping the dog out of the front seat (he's part Jack Russell, so very hyper).

Thanks in advance for any advice!!
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