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Hi everyone!

I'm new here, so sorry if I am asking this question for the umpteenth time. But can som eone tell me how many extra horses the TRD CAI provides and the TRD exhaust tip (both options available from the dealer)?

I've been hearing conflicting stories on both options. :confused:


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The exhaust TIP is just a cosmetic change. It physically just changes the chromed part that stick out from body.
Toyota also sells an "axle back" exhaust that replaces the rear muffler and the tip. Supposedly the design flows freer than the stock one, which positively affects horsepower.

The intake is something I have ON my box. It has an improved "pull" feel, the engine "spools" quicker, and the RPMs at speed are lower by a few hundred RPM.
I have not dynoed by box, as I'm not worried about it.

Now, as to how MUCH horesepower the parts add is a bit more complicated. It isn't a matter of Part A give X power, part B gives Y power, and part C gives Z power.
The engine is basically an air pump. What intake and exhausts DO is to allow it to breathe better by less restrictive airflow in and out.
Some parts don't do much of anything without other stuff first and some give significant number IF put on a stock system, but a much smaller number if on an altered system.

Intake and exhaust are also systems that tend to have "diminishing returns" with improved parts . . .
The power increase numbers are not cumulative. A 9 horsepower intake, a 5 horsepower exhaust, an 8 horsepower header would not equal 22 horsepower. The real number is more likely 12-15 horsepower.
If I added a strup header and exhaust to my TRD intake, I would be very happy with a 15 horsepower increase at the wheel.

Also, the significant numbers are not JUST peak horsepower, but also mid-range horsepower and torque. Many parts simply move around power by reshaping the powerband, by sacrificing the midrange for high range.

The TRD intake, along, is claimed by Toyota to:
Key Features Include:

* Emissions-legal in all 50 states
* Dyno tests achieved 6 horsepower and 6 foot-pounds of torque at front wheels on test vehicle
* Reusable high-flow, low restriction air filter
* Custom lower inlet grille
* Air filter enclosure designed to ingest cooler air and provide greater air flow
Dynos by people who got the TRD intake have noted a significant increase in mid-range torque and power PLUS some high end power too. In essence, the improvement moved the ENTIRE power and torque bands up, more in the middle than the top.
To me, THAT is what I was looking for. Mid-range is what increased acceleration and quick engine spooling. That is where you are on the street, rather than on a drag strip or race course.

The design of the TRD intake also has "ram air" features, by the intake grill allowing in air to create a high-pressure area in corner of the body that surrounds the intake inlet. People have CLAIMED 9-10 actual horsepower increase at speed. However, dynos cannot tell that, unless it is attached to a windtunnel to simulate/create the ram-air effect.

If you get the TRD intake and sport exhaust, I would expect 7-10 real-world horsepower increase.
If the TRD intake and tip, I would expect 6-ish.
Either way, the increase to mid-range will feel dramatic to the driver.

Oh, and the TRD intake actually does work the way it is supposed to, not all intake and exhaust systems do.

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I installed my AEM intake Tuesday, and absolutely love how it feels. Definitely feel the difference for sure, especially in higher RPM and higher speeds (such as driving 50mph and needing to pass somebody). Has a better feeling acceleration for sure. The AEM though is less restrictive then the TRD though, so might not be as drastic.
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