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But you gotta remember too, without doing anything to the scuba, its gonna sound the same. Ive had stock, straight pipe, and the trd. The trd I have on now and can barely tell except a 1500 rpm rumble. After that, nada. The straight pipe was the only dif, even that wasnt at all loud. Go ahead and take off your muffler. And drive around a little, youll see.
+1 on this.

I am looking to do a scuba replacement to get more sound. I have an aftermarket exhaust and you can't hear anything really. It has a nice hum when you are directly outside it, but aside from that its very subtle. As long as you do not replace the scuba, then any exhaust for our cars will work. If you are concerned with sound, however, I would probably make sure its an exhaust with a "muffler"... straight pipes like Borla can be kinda loud IMO. Let me know if you want me to tape some of my sound. Its a great and inexpensive exhaust... only thing is I don't have super equipment but I don't mind helping.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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