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I have a set of New Eibach camber bolts for sale asking $30 for them shipped.

Heres a link to the Local Craigslist posting. All parts in link are plus shipping. The rear sway-bar end links are new. I had TRD warranty the end links because the rubber dust boots were dry rotted.

TRD Quick Shifter, Springs & rear sway-bar

Thanks for looking. My direct email is; [email protected]
Sorry I don't come to the site much because we sold the Scion. The lady who bought the xB gave me a big hugs because the Scion was clean (her husband was an auto detailer) & it had a manual trans. She wanted white with a stick. :cheers:

Oh, the phone # listed doesn't get text, sorry.


PS. I'm already missing the xB. :(

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Still have the camber bolts lmk

AZ said he doen't come on here much anymore because he no longer has his xB. You'd be better off using his email address which he provided in the original post.

Sorry guys, I bought a Tacoma and it needs MAJOR susp. work, HP work a new ring & pinion gears. At 75 MPH in 5th gear the engine is just at 2400 RPM's. It's geared too tall. I was plaining on using a 2" taller tire to help fill in the huge fender wells. Oh, and it still has good OLD drum rear brakes! :eek:

**** if our dogs would have liked riding in the back of the xB we (I) would have been set. Had the xB paid off, set-up to handle and with the exhaust work it moved right down the road.
A local guy bought the exhaust system. I installed it for him and he loves it. :cheers: He sent me an email asking if I would install the springs. I told him $220 for the springs & labor. He will need an alignment after the springs go in.

Someone save me the labor!

I have been reading and researching the right way to lower the Tacoma. Needs new springs front ($150) and rear ($? plus U-bolts & blocks). New shocks all around ($300 +) install a rear sway-bar & mount all the brackets ($300 to $400). Polly bushings for the front sway-bar ($ 20 to $30). OEM X-runner wheels ($500 plus $200 for re-powder coating) Tires about ($800) plus labor. Exhaust system about $1k. Ring & pinion gears ($600 to $700)
The Tacoma cost me $9 out of pocket more than then I sold the xB for. I lost over $4k on the xB after the mods I couldn't remove and $400 car cover. I drove it a year and put on 7400 miles. It's only money right! :rolleyes:

You'r all are lucky you got the xB!

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