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TRD sway bar and strut brace ?

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Hey Guys!

A guy near me has a used TRD rear sway bar and a used TRD front strut brace for sale. He said his lowest price is $200, the front brace is in really good shape but the rear sway bar is the older style and looks like it could use a quick spray paint here and there, but still useable.
What do you guys think at a price of $200 for both pieces?
to get them both new would cost me every bit of $400 at the cheapest place I found them.
What do ya think?
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based on the listings you're looking @ roughly $440 new. there will be no significant increase in performance with new vs used.

when buying used, know your parts! make sure they are all present and in good working/usable condition.

even with the change in design. reports of breakage prompted a change in the mount. hotchkis still uses the same old style mount.

your question is this: do i want to put in a little work to save @ $240?

IMO, go for it and use your savings to put towards another mod/upgrade.
let us know how the paint & install goes. 8T6 maybe?
i'm glad i was able to stir-up some controversy. it's been boring around here lately.
agreed. a healthy debate is always good food for thought.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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